The day I met and saw my favourite band live, best day of my life yet 🎶🎸 #ofmiceandmen #om&m #austincarlile #alanashby #tinoarteaga #aaronpauley #philmanansala

omfg i forgot about my selfie with aaron and phil, so good considering you weren’t allowed to take photos ;)
Aaron video!!!!! HELP

Hey guys I kind of forgot to do the aaron video due to being busy but with everything going on at the moment with him getting stuff chucked at him I would love to get the video done in the next two days FINALLY (sorry for taking forever but yeah) submit your photos with aaron stories for him messages of support anything that will make him smile and feel loved thanks!!!!

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bones-exposxd: Hi! I’m starting a new project for Austin Carlile’s birthday and I was wondering if you could publish this to your followers? The goal is to get photos of people in merch, live photos, you with all your merchandise, tattoos, etc. Also writings (letters, how you feel about the band, etc) and art of the band. The book will be 101-120 pages, depending on how many people join in and what material we have to work with. Email me at: austincarlileproject@gmail(.)com if you’re interested!


I will publish this so all of my followers can see! This sounds amazing and it will hopefully help you on your way! <3